When you can't fix it, John Can!

What we do

As a professional certified handyman, we are qualified to handle a multitude of jobs from drywall to flooring, fences and decks, painting and repairs, and all of the small jobs in between. We are proud to offer a one year workmanship warranty upon completion of our work.

who we serve


Whether you own your home or renting, we are able to help hang your ceiling fan, fix your drywall, repair your worn out flooring, weatherproof or refinish your deck, assemble your new bedframe, and all things in between. Ready for a bigger project? We can help frame, install drywall, mud, texture the walls, paint, lay flooring, and more!

real estate

Are you a real-estate agent looking for a handyman that can fix up those small issues that are preventing a passed inspection? Need a reliable handyman service to refer new homeowners to? 

Give John a call!


property management

Landlords are often faced with less than desirable rentals once a tenant moves out and those repairs can be costly. Why not hire John Can! Handyman Service, LLC to maintain your rental property? Give us a call to help repair the drywall from door dings, change the locks, give the interior a fresh coat of paint, pull up that stinky carpet, or simply come help move out an appliance and clean up the space for a new tenant.

our specialties

drywall & siding

From hanging, taping, mudding, and texturing, we have you covered when it comes to drywall. Siding weathered and needing an upgrade? We are able to fix a few pieces or replace an entire side. We have built and repaired decks, soffit, facia, siding, and fences.

Home Maintenance

Is your kitchen sink leaking? We can upgrade your old plumbing and repair any water damage left behind. Have a ceiling fan that needs to be installed? Light fixtures and bulbs that need changed on your vaulted ceiling? We can swing that. How about that new TV that needs to be mounted before Sunday's big game? We can do that too. Ready to move and are dreading repainting that bright purple bedroom? Give us a call to get your rental in tip-top shape and avoid extra moving stress or lost security deposits.

windows & doors

Old, leaky windows and doors can lead to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. We can weatherproof your windows for those cold winters, help seal cracks and leaks from your front door, or completely install them brand new if the old ones are ready for an upgrade.

more services offered

  • Installing blinds & curtains
  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Siding, Soffit, Facia Installation and Repair
  • Window replacement and repair
  • Door replacement and repair
  • Fence and Deck repairĀ 
  • Deck staining
  • Drywall patches
  • Spray texture (in all styles)
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Door knob/lock installation
  • Demolition
  • Installing light fixtures
  • Replacing hard to reach light bulbs
  • Cabinet refacing
  • Molding installation
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Basement remodeling
  • Shelving
  • Ceiling repair
  • General home maintenance (minor plumbing & electrical)

Don't see a service listed that you need?
just ask! we likely do that as well.